Paediatric Care

Sehgal’s Neuro & child care centre is a comprehensive paediatric care centre. We specialize in caring and treating individuals from birth to eighteen years. We offer general paediatric consultation, regular physical examinations, development assessment of newborn babies, paediatric and adolescent development, behavioral and emotional assessment. We offer all types of immunizations right from birth till adolescent age, nebulisation, routine psychological counselling speech therapy, laboratory investigations etc.

The health needs of children are unique and different in physiological, psychological as well as mental aspects from adults. There is increased incidence of prematurity and low birth weight, increased prevalence of chronic conditions such as asthma, allergy and adolescent behavior problems. We hold special clinics like Asthma clinic, Adolescent & Teen clinic, development epilepsy clinic, anaemia clinic etc.

Our aim is to ensure that your little and loveable kids are properly taken care of with complete stimulation, love and comfort.